Podcast 2: A Crash Course in MBA Rankings

In this week’s podcast, Nick Johnson and I talk about MBA Rankings. MBA Rankings are given a lot of credence by prospective candidates, students, recruiters, and MBA Administrators. We’ll walk you through the following:

  • What they mean
  • Why people think they are important
  • How to consider thinking about them
  • How to look at them in tiers, and what tiers we see
  • Our advice on how to use them in your search
  • Schools we think are hot right now

Show Notes

4:00: Nick talks about how he used the rankings
11:25: Prepare and understand the methodologies behind the rankings, spend time reading about the methodologies before you look at the rankings
12:23:Nick’s advice for using the rankings for your MBA application process
47:00: if you have two offers, which one would you choose?
57:00: Nick Talks about Forbes rankings
1:05: Nick talks about Economist rankings
1:11: What school do you find interesting?


Bloomberg Week Rankings

US News and World Report Rankings

Forbes Rankings

Economist Rankings

Poets & Quants Rankings

Which MBA Is Best (Article) – P&Q did an article on a professor who evaluated which ranking was most robust

Podcast 1: Life at NYU Stern featuring Nick Johnson (Stern, 15)


Our first podcast is with Nick Johnson, an MBA Candidate at the NYU Stern School of Business. In this jam-packed podcast, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Nick’s journey to Stern
  • MBA Admissions
  • Admissions at Stern
  • MBA Rankings
  • Recruiting for Management Consulting
  • Student Activities and Leadership

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